From the very beginning ... 

Gérald Roy of Petit-Rocher is an active personality in the business world of the Chaleur region, particularly in the meat processing sector.

After practically growing up in the general store alongside his father, Gerald Roy trained as a butcher at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in 1975. He then opened his first business , Au Roi du Boeuf. For eleven years he specialized in meat cutting and deli products.


 Processed meat products ... 

Noting the potential of processed meat products, on February 22, 1991, he incorporated Les Cuisines Roi Ltd, a joint stock company, whose head office is located at 99, rue Laplante Ouest, in Petit-Rocher. The premises are fitted out in the owner's residence.

He therefore began making sauces, cretons, blood sausage and other deli products that he sold in grocery stores in the Chaleur region and the Acadian Peninsula. Later he adds the pies, sandwiches and subs. Its products carried the brand L’Étoile Acadienne Star.

A new factory ... 

In February 2002, his son, Jean-Robert, took over the management of the charcuterie department. He had already worked in the company for four years, during the summer vacation.

In 2003, Gérald Roy decided to enter another market, that of salted meat. He is setting up this new part of his operation in premises with an area of 1,500 square feet, in the Petit-Rocher industrial park. He prepares salted pork riblets and other types of salted meats there.


Sea products... 

In September 2007, Mr. Roy acquired Sea Lane Gourmet Food of Petit-Rocher, a processing company specializing in the preparation of seafood chowders and casseroles as well as a lobster bisque. In 2008, we made a first expansion of the establishment.

In 2010, his daughter, Marie-Christine joined the company as a quality control technician. In addition, we made a 400 square foot expansion to our Sea Lane plant in Petit-Rocher North. Following this expansion, all the productions made at 99 rue Laplante, moved to Petit-Rocher Nord.

A new step

In October 2013, we began a 3,400 square foot expansion of our salted meat plant located in the Petit-Rocher industrial park, in order to become a licensed meat establishment for the federal government. After several months of work to integrate the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critial Control Point) program at our establishment, in February 2015 we were registered as a federal meat establishment. We now have the opportunity to sell our salted meat products across Canada and even outside the country.